The Gathering About

The gathering is a global movement of women who are movers and shakers in their various industries. This is a convergence of women who finds strength in diversity and purpose in the community. They are movers and shakers who, through their unique but similar stories of finding strength in uncertain times, have been ablve to achieve exponential results in their chosen fields and as a result, they have become a beamer of hope.

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the gathering

The God Factor

God is gathering the remnant of his children who he can entrust to impact the world for him from various mountains of influence and women are being entrusted for the most part of this agenda. Our responsibility is to align to this agenda and ensure to receive instructions and follow through on what God is asking us to do per season.

Who Can Join

This is by Invite only. We look for women who are either entrepreneurs or employees.

Why is the Brunch Paid

Every valuable thing costs something. This is a value-centered purposeful group. Each member comes with a stake to the table.

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  • Monthly Brunch/ Gathering
  • Bi-weekly Coaching
  • Daily Networking on Telegram
  • Annual Retreat
  • Financial Cooperative – Group Economics

Our Mantra

If it’s good it comes from God. If it’s starts with God, it can never end with man. It doesn’t matter who sees, supports, or validates. God is with us. All good and perfect gifts come from God, the father of lights. God is always good and we’re headed to a good place as long as we stay on the right path. Hang in there.