Are You Ready To Live In Your Purpose?


This program is for everyone and should be engaged with the intention of coming out on the other side full of clarity for your individual vision and life goal. But the most important aspect of the journey with this program is the deliberate self discovery of “The King of Your Gifts”.

This program will be extremely intentional for that person who is at the beginning, intermediate or advanced stage of their journey into purpose.


The Process

This process is self-paced and self-actualized. Each user will be able to develop an introspective response to these modules and exercises, while connecting the dots from likes, hobbies to gifts and abilities all the way to your purpose and destiny.

Let me be very honest, this process is not a scientific equation, that can be balanced out to a preferred outcome. Each of us has a unique blueprint that ensures we all get unique varying outcomes. But I implore you to follow the process and see it through to the end. For some it would be a confirmation of what was. For others it would be the compass that guides you down a new path of seeking, asking and knocking.

The Timeframe

7 week curriculum based on psychological and philosophical concepts that have proven to help each individual walk down a path of self discovery, revelation and self actualization.


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7 Week Program

Journey into Purpose Coaching
$ 159 Introductory Price
  • One on One with Dr. OJ
  • 7 Week Program

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