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It was a cold afternoon, the new students lined up for the yearly attestation ceremony to mark the official orientation into the military school. The lifelong message delivered by the school would impact all the students forever. This was the beginning of a friendship with Dr. Oyinkansola Jinadu, about three decades ago. It is therefore not a surprise that a detailed book with quality references came from such a driven and determine individual. 

Progressing through life, I often ponder about gifts, talents, and purpose. The uncertainty of our purpose can lead to dissatisfaction in our daily existence. In the search for our life’s purpose, we can become jaded and disillusioned when we do not find the necessary answers. This book creates a step by step guide to finding your gifts with God at the center. The practical methods introduced in the chapters of this book paints a clearer picture for the reader. This book keeps you engaged; each page delivers on a plan to finding a resolute life. 

Allowing God to guide our journey in life means inner peace, satisfaction, and a focused existence. This unique book by Dr. Oyinkansola Jinadu starts the inner discuss in every reader and brings you closer to a purposeful existence.

This book is a real living summation of what Dr. Jinadu is and stands for. When you meet her, you experience an embodiment of gratefulness, joy, experience, wisdom and a wealth of knowledge, which she has so graciously poured into this book. When I first met Dr. Jinadu she was on assignment, teaching, empowering, transforming the lives of young girls. She was developing relationships with them and sharing transparent lessons that the young girls could make applicable in their lives. I am almost certain that the lessons she taught and the words she spoke will help them as they navigate through life, which is precisely what this book will help many do. The reader will be able to maneuver through life’s challenges but not lose sight of who they are. The reader will find a deeper and closer relationship with God and themselves, so that they will be a better individual for their families, communities, organizations and the world.

As an Author, Global Educator, International Mentor and the Founder of the Female Civility Initiative I can truly say that instructive self-help books are a vital part of my application when dealing with my clients. My first authorship was 8 Elements for Implementing Your Purpose, so I have studied and implemented steps for people to find their purpose. When reading this book, it is a culmination of ideas that provoke people to purpose and causes them to search and seek for their identity. I can confidently say as a Global Educator that this book will help equip individuals, organization, groups, families, and communities. The reader will receive an education tool that can be utilized for days, weeks, months and years to come. This is an education tool that the reader can continue to grasp concepts and transformative ideas each time the book is read. No matter what stage, phase, or situation in life the reader may be, they will find the chapters applicable to their lives.

This book encapsulates the need for every person to become the best leader of their lives as they possibly can. It demonstrates the necessity to get our lives aligned to the characteristics of God which is the best foundation for any person and any leader. This book is standard that has been raised by which everyone can measure their thoughts, perspectives, behaviors and actions.

Leadership is about purpose, alignment, assignment, identity, relationships, connections, equipping, training, development and a whole lot of distractions that will attempt to alter your destination. In this book you will learn key concepts that will enhance, advance, and propel your life to a deeper depth and a greater height. You will engage in a journey of insight and enlightenment that will expand your perspective and increase your capacity. Often, we read a document, book, newspaper, magazine, or digital document hoping to find something that will fill a void of desired learning. Nevertheless, sometimes we are disappointed and feel just as empty prior to when we started reading. However, this book will not disappoint and provides answers to questions, divine direction, declarations that invoke positive alterations of lifestyle, and a spiritual enhancement of the soul. I recommend this book for those who want to be encouraged, transformed and revived. Professor Ona C. Miller, EdD, Ph

The feeling of being born for “THIS” can manifest in a myriad of ways. Some ways being clearly defined, and others resembling the feeling of being on your favorite ride at Disney world. I’ve learned along my journey that there are no clear-cut paths, only the never ending, unwavering grace that only the King could grant me. The Gift of all Gifts. The Journey itself.

Growing up in a small southern town where survival trumped purpose in the average household, I never really understood what it meant to have purpose. I mean, I knew I was good at a few things but those were the things that good ole’ southern parents would consider ‘hobbies’ and not things that were fostered, nourished or invested into.

As a double minority who has formal education from the prestigious Harvard University Business School, it may be easy for one to assume that from a young age my blueprint was blessed and groomed by a lineage of women who had found their purpose and crushed it. Only like a true lady general could. Nope, not my story, not even close.

My Journey unfolded in an extreme non-traditional fashion that was necessary to highlight my gifts. My most prized gifts have provided me the means and know how to Create the Next generation of female leaders with a simple mantra in tow… “Pass the Baton” ™.

Dr O.J. with all of her authenticity, gives herself away in The King of my Gift so that she may bring those “in-between” spaces to the forefront of finding, owning, and nailing your purpose. It is a must read for anyone who desires to desire. Buckle in, and enjoy the ride.


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