Never underestimate the power of your Innate abilities.

Dr. OJ

Having the ability to get inside someone’s head and telling them that they are enough is the power that not everyone has. Being a podcaster has not only let me open up with the world but has also given me the ability to help people realize that they are whole. With a PHd in philosophy and humanities, I can assure you that while you might have heard quotes about self-love and scrolled through them, I have flipped enough pages to have a fairly good idea of how the human mind works.

Self Doubt:

Self-love is one of the hardest things to achieve in life, and trust me when I say that the struggle is real, but it is not impossible. With every decision that you make, there is instant anxiety that settles in you because of self-doubt.

People around you will always add to the doubt and tell you that you and only you. I went through my struggles and, with a lot of thinking, decided to step up and share my knowledge with everyone because it is high time we started loving ourselves.

Underestimating your inherent qualities:

While most of us do not pay attention to their innate qualities, they instead work hard on achieving the ones they do not have. There is nothing wrong with striving to be a good person but let me tell you that self-acceptance one of the hardest things.

Your innate qualities can be as important as being a part of your personality, and they stay with you as long as you live. I can assure you that when you embrace your birth qualities, they can make you excel in almost every life field because they define you as a person. Do not mix these qualities with feelings because if you feel frustrated today, I can assure you that it is just for today and not something that defines who you are.

Never underestimate who you are, trust me when I tell you that while aiming to be a better person should always be the goal, accepting the original version of yourself can make you very successful.

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