Merging With The Bad Circumstances On Our Journey

Dr. OJ

Many days bring us a combination of good and bad. If we are being honest, we find our realities record worse than good days. Several thought leaders like myself, have mastered the theory of teachings that direct us to speak, think and act positively around all these most unpleasant scenarios. I mean, how happy can I be with a loss, disappointment, and sometimes unsolicited disregard of me by a vendor whose services cause me irreparable and irreplaceable loss. These are just a few descriptive scenarios you and I find ourselves in more often than not. But here’s the conundrum I faced, I had been working on certain behavioral habits that come through whenever, I find myself in these scenarios. 

To be completely honest and vulnerable, anger, rage, sometimes extreme verbal expressions that are less than flattering shine so bright.

Now, I give you this background to set the stage for my lessons and how I’ve learned and I’m growing toward my highest and more authentic self. 

  1. Life always presents us with 2 choices. It’s a fallacy to think we have a 3rd choice. life keeps it pretty simple. 
  2. While I’m unable to control any of these external situations,  I am in full absolute control of my response. 
  3. understanding the use or lack of certain emotions is highly necessary for every human in pursuit of achieving greatness. For me, it’s all the emotions listed above. 
  4. Surround yourself and have individuals who will be easily accessible and are dependable at all times. I know life happens, so having a couple of those individuals is always a great idea. No one should ever have to be a lone ranger in any situation. We are social beings for a reason. 

My growth moments :

  1. When you find yourself in a most distressful or aggravating situation, stop for about 60 secs to breathe, it helped me calculate my next move and actually find a resolution to a situation someone else reported as hopeless. It reminded me of the quote from Earl Nightingale “Humans don’t have a riches or wealth scarcity problem, We have a thinking problem. Humans simply don’t think”
  2. Embracing a bad situation as quickly as we embrace the good, allows us to maintain a clear and favorable perspective. Life is always about angles, whatever angle you view a scenario from is the reality you get to live in. Things and circumstances are usually always as good or bad as we decide to interpret them.
  3. Finally, I am fully embracing the fact and reality that life is truly happening for me. So I focus on my role in every scenario and who I am exposed to or who I am becoming as a result of each experience. 
  4. Forgive, embrace and be gracious to yourself and others as you go through this mystery called life. it is our precious gift, that keeps giving with each breathe. 

Trust me, friends, this is such a vulnerable moment for me to share with you, and if you made it this far, you’re my sister and brother in search of becoming a better version of SELF daily.

Yours Sincerely,
Dr. Oyinkansola Jinadu Ph.D


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