Med Spa Beauty Trends – Non-invasive beauty options

Dr. OJ

I have been working as a medspa beauty lead technician for a very long time, and I can assure you that my customers have been extremely satisfied with the services I’ve provided along with the students I have taught.

Working in a medspa gives you the freedom to tackle beauty issues with nonsurgical solutions. Now that I have done this a long time, I can say that going through all that surgery is scary and draining. With all that practice, passing my knowledge to my students has been one of the best gifts my experience has given me.

Body sculpting:

I understand how you look plays a very vital role in how you feel about yourself. The stubborn fat only hinder your happiness. While body sculpting is a way for you to get rid of all that fat, what makes it even better is how I can assure you a perfectly slim looking body without putting you through surgery.

I make sure to have non-invasive body sculpting because it is safer, and you can resume your daily chores right after therapy. In comparison, a surgical procedure stops you from doing so because you need to let your body heal.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage Therapy:

A regular spa offers many different services, but a medspa makes sure to keep your physical and mental health in mind. Lymphatic drainage massage therapy in a medspa makes sure to relieve you of the pain, discomfort post surgery. Our clients are individuals who have undergone one or multiple cosmetic procedures. There are different techniques of doing this, and trust me when I say that I have been doing this for a very long, so you are in very safe hands.

Passing on knowledge:

While I offer different beauty and body services including microblading, and makeup sessions, I have started a beauty institute where I teach students the skills I have learned over time. It is a nice feeling to pass on knowledge to people and give them the ability to make people smile. Trust me, nothing is better than seeing customers smile.

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