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Dr. OJ

The way you look plays a vital role in how you feel about yourself. Waking up every day and accepting your insecurities is hard. I have seen people who have lived such a difficult life, and while they are doing okay, the scars from their experiences hold them back from feeling good about themselves. To feel strengthened in yourself can lift you and make you achieve the highest of things. Being a beauty educator, I have the power to make people feel pretty in their skin and pass on the skills to other people.

Skills I specialize in:

It has been a long road to success, but I have mastered some skills over time, which are:

Body Sculpting:

One of the skills I have mastered over time is body sculpting, which includes various surgical and non-surgical techniques. Body sculpting is a way that helps in getting rid of the stubborn fat and reshapes the body to look slim. As an experienced beauty educator, I have been doing this for a long time, and I can assure you that people have always felt happy after going through the procedure.

Makeup Artistry:

While makeup artistry might be the most common skill to have, trust me when I say that my students are in good hands with my certificate of completion in this field. I believe natural beauty is the purest form of beauty, but a little makeup can always elevate confidence, and it is not a bad thing.


I believe eyebrows are the key to good makeup, and eyebrows that look full and sharp add to the beauty. Microblading is like architecture for the eyebrows, which shapes the face and lasts for over a year. It is better than eyebrow tattoos because it is not that scary or painful, while it might be temporary.

The idea is to fill the eyebrows with pigment and use a nib pen, a sloped blade. The strokes are feathery and look like real hair. Trust me that having your eyebrows in perfect shape all the time is one of the biggest reliefs.

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