Gift options – Do I get to choose my God-given gifts?

Dr. OJ

Do you ever wonder if every time God was to reward you for something, He would ask you of the gift you wanted? It is a fantasy where you wish for things you have wanted, and God gives them to you. Today in this blog article, I will speak on how life would have been different if God gave us a choice to choose our favorite gifts and not those He has already chosen for us.

What are my gift options?

You get rewarded for the smallest of good deeds you have done most of the time because while you might not have paid attention, God did. Imagine all the Gucci shoes and bags you have wanted, and as a reward for a good deed, you get it all.

While there might be a billion options floating your head with the things you want, if God were to give you options, He would probably pass you a blank check because of the unlimited things He could gift you.

God knows best:

There have indeed been times when you did not exactly get what you wished for instead of something you never thought of. We have all fallen victim to God’s planning, and while at the moment it seems very wrong and we tend to question God for it.

It is later that you notice that had God given you what you wished for, it might not have been the best for you. It is in human nature to want, the greed that can never be satisfied. If genies existed, we would have all been destroyed by now because sometimes getting all you want can be devastating.

To keep a check on His people and make sure they do not go astray, God plans out the best things for you, and while you might not trust His word at the moment, it is late that you will realize that God does know best.

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